1. How far in advance should I place my order?

The sooner the better!

We are a small business and can only take a limited number of orders per week and sadly sometime we are booked and cannot accommodate last minute orders.


2. How do we place an order?

Fill out our online ORDER FORM and give us as many details as possible so we can quickly give you an accurate quote. If you have a picture of a cake that you like, please email it along with your order form and we can quote you on customizing it to fit your own needs.

In order to ensure you get the cake of your dreams, and there is no miss communication, we require that all order details be done via email.


3. How much does a custom cake cost?

First and Foremost, pricing is based on the complexity of the design, servings are secondary.
 A cake that takes us 10 hours to create will differ in price than a cake that takes us 4 hours, also a simple design cake is priced differently than a intricate design cake.


4. Do you make cupcakes?

 Sizes: mini, regular & large


5. Are you a bakery?

No, we are a custom cake catering business.


6. Are you licensed?

Yes! We are a license register business in the stated of Florida.


7. Do you have Tastings?

Yes we do! Cake tasting is provided for all wedding and custom cake orders over $300.