Since each cake is uniquely designed to enhance each client special day and or event, pricing can varies. The minimum price for any custom fondant cake order is $280 and butter cream cake with minimal fondant trimmings starts at $220. Butter cream cake starts at $185. Sculpted Cakes are priced by design complexity.



Basic cupcakes start at $40 per dozen. Custom decorated cupcakes with custom toppers range from $60 price per oz. depending on the complexity of the decorations. The more cupcakes you order, the lower the price will be.


If you would like a price quote, please submit an order form. Once the details are reviewed, you will receive a price quote.

**An order is NOT placed until the $25 deposit is made. If you must cancel your order, a confirmation of cancellation MUST be obtained; otherwise, you will be responsible for the entire balance due.


If you need assistance feel free to e-mail us.

Orders are best placed at least 6 weeks in advance; however, your order may be accommodated if date/time are available.

For a NO OBLIGATION price quote, please submit an order form.

**Submitting anĀ order form does not mean the order is placed. Only by submitting a $25 deposit will guarantee the order is confirmed.